Congratulations, Dr. Shenk!

Congratulations to Dr. Carney Shenk on his well-earned retirement!

Dr. Shenk has officially retired and passed on the reigns to Dr. Crescenzi as of 11/30/16.

We’re not quite sure what Doc will get into with all this spare time on his hands…but he’ll certainly be up to something! It is an honor to carry on the practice Dr. Shenk has worked so hard to build over the last 37 years. We want to thank Dr. Shenk for the many years of hard work and dedication to the pets and families he served at Derry Animal Hospital. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Dr. Shenk!”

  1. Will miss Doc! He told us when Louie was in for check up. Our fur babies grew up with him and he helped them over to Rainbow Bridge…If you see Doc tell him we are trying to adopt another bulldog….So glad for him. He was a true lover of animals!

    Bill and Helen Ann Lorwey
    424 S 25th Still
    Harrisburg PA

  2. Thank you all for taking care of Louie! R Boston…Aka Fur Baby!!!!

    Everyone is so kind! Just like Doc!!!!…Been coming to practice for a long time…

    Will continue to come….The Doctor is so nice and loves animals!!!! Your practice is the best!!!! Thank you Doctor and staff!!!!

    The Lorweys

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